Disabling mailing list mode does not update user settings

If a user enabled mailing list mode in their user settings and an admin disables mailing list mode per admin settings, this change seems not to have an effect on the user notification settings (which are still set to “mailing list mode”).

Additionally, this leads to digest mode being disabled for this user as well.

Using Discourse v1.8.0.beta13 +18.


Why would you expect it to behave this way? The admin setting simply removes the choice for all future users, not all prior history…

There are two admin settings:

[ ] disable mailing list mode
Disallow users from enabling mailing list mode.


[ ] default email mailing list mode
Send an email for every new post by default.

I would also expect that if I disable the first one, no user would would be able to have mailing list mode enabled any more. If it only turns off mailing list mode for new users, I would expect it to say so in the help text, i.e. “Disallow new users from enabling mailing list mode.”


I am not able to repro this. In my testing enabling “disable mailing list mode” setting removes the “Mailing list mode” section from /u/techapj/preferences/emails and disables sending of mailing list emails for all the users.

Can’t repro this either. Make sure “disable digest emails” setting is disabled.