Disabling Profile User Fields

Is it possible, through the Admin, to disable certain Profile user fields? Specifically, I’m looking to disable the web site field if possible for new sign-ups.

Thanks in advance!

You can do it with CSS. It’s a bit fussy because you have to do it with nth-of-type targeting to hide/display them (at least that was the solution that I found).

Here. Something like this:

.create-account .user-fields .user-field {
    display: none;
        display: block;
        display: block;
        display: block;


Curious, is this because of spam or has there been other abuse?

By default links added by new users in profiles still appear, but aren’t clickable, and profiles themselves aren’t indexed, so there is protection there against spam already (but someone can still visit that profile page and copy & paste the link).


Hi Kris,

Thanks for asking, and for clarifying the spam aspect! I was just wondering as there really isn’t a need for it for me right now. Rather than monitor profiles for potential abuse, I’d rather just disable it if I can.


My use case is that there are a bunch of custom fields and if someone had to answer–or even scroll through them all–on the new user screen it’s a UX disaster.

It would be really great if there were a “don’t show on sign up modal” option for custom variables (and apparently things like the web site field).

EDIT: Hmm. Well, your signup page doesn’t have web site and location on it, but it is on the profile page.

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