Disappeared topic: emails-suddenly-stopped-being-sent, 109077

Our forum suddenly stopped sending emails yesterday, so I Googled for “discourse suddenly stopped sending emails”, which led to this result. However, that topic is gone. What happened?

Not quite sure where to append ?status=deleted per this post; tacking it onto https://meta.discourse.org doesn’t show anything in particular about deleted topics.

Searching here for the title of that topic, doesn’t bring it up.

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Oh sorry I misunderstood the question! We regularly cull old / obsolete / out of date topics to make room for more up to date ones. So that topic was indeed deleted.


If you start a new topic we can help you troubleshoot.


I’m… not sure how I feel about that. I mean, I’m for selective censorship, otherwise blatant misinformation and spam/crap/junk lower the signal to noise ratio, but deleting old topics to “make room” for new ones (in the age of cheap terabyte storage, on a text forum, not Netflix) is highly questionable IMO.

Is that what happened to these two topics?

Deleting doesn’t communicate anything about the deletion reason. Adding a pointer to the current information (ideally in the OP, since this is done by admins) does, and prevents broken links.

They end up as search land mines, anyone stepping on them is exposed to old, out of date information that is no longer relevant. It causes actual harm by displacing valid search results with invalid, obsolete search results.

The goal is to reduce confusion by replacing outdated, irrelevant information (perhaps referring to features that don’t even exist any more, or exist in a completely different form) with newer, relevant information.

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