Disappearing bookmarks and expected behavior of /bookmarks

Great news!

This can explain the seemingly random nature of it.

I think this roughly matches our timeline of when we started seeing it which was when we updated in March this year to 3.0, which had been released in January. So, it reached us then, even though the commit was done in ~May 2022.

I’m aware that this is not the policy in place… but, given how broken the feature is at the moment, any chance this may be backported to stable too? Otherwise we’ll be months away from getting the fix. We’ll keep our fingers, toes (and eyes) crossed that this is possible.

Thank you for looking into this!

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If you’re tracking stable then I think you’ll have to wait. Making exceptions is a can of worms, unfortunately.

On the plus side, we plan to continue making stable releases regularly on a 6 month cadence, so you should expect it to be available at the end of January / early February.

Fix has been merged now:


Thank you for the fix for this. :+1: This will have a big impact in our community which relies heavily on /bookmarks to keep track of their favourite topics and has been going through quite a bit of frustration.

I understand the reasons this won’t be backported into stable… so we’ll only really test this early next year then.

Have to admit it’s been a little puzzling to me how it’s been broken for this long and nobody else seem to have spotted it (or at least reported it). My best guess is that /bookmarks not being a default entry on the top menu (these days?) makes it less used than it could which is a shame because for some scenarios, it’s a super useful browsing pattern to have available. But, given that this also affects the upcoming /filter feature, I hope this also helped other people too.

Thanks again!


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