Disclaimer in registration modal absent from Japanese locale

I have deployed discourse on a website, however, I encountered difficulties during the development process. I set up a disclaimer for user registration using ‘js.create_account.disclaimer’, but it is not displaying on the registration page, and the corresponding HTML section appears to be empty, as shown in the attached image. I am looking forward to receiving your response and sincerely appreciate your assistance!

It happens when using Japanese locale, but not with Chinese and English.

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Hello Yang1!

This text only appears on the account creation modal if /wizard/steps/corporate is filled in (to be understood as: if your Discourse belongs to a company).


Hello! I have developed a multilingual website consisting of Chinese, English, and Japanese versions. I’m not quite sure about the reference “/wizard/steps/corporate” you mentioned. All three websites are using the same configuration. While the disclaimer on the registration page displays correctly on the Chinese and English versions, it is not showing up on the Japanese version. Please refer to the details in the attached image. Could you please help me understand the reason behind this issue? I’m looking forward to your response.

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Thanks for the clarification! It looks like a bug. I’ll move it to bug and add details in your first post.

I think it is this:

You need a tos_url and privacy_policy_url defined for this to show up.

They mentioned this:

I also tested myself and could repro the issue, unless I’m misunderstanding something in your answer :slight_smile:

Does the chrome/firefox console find the right string per:

I18n.t("create_account.disclaimer", {tos_link: '/tos', privacy_link: '/privacy'})

When in Japanese mode.

Of course, Google Chrome’s console can display this string because I have used “js.create_account_disclaimer” to set the relevant content. However, it still does not appear on the registration page of the Japanese website, whereas the same setting works fine on the Chinese and English websites.

I am sorry, but I am having trouble reproducing this.

I overrode the string on local and can see it just fine:

(notice the leading xxxx)

@Canapin mentioned he was able to reproduce, will wait on exact steps.

It appears I might inadvertently looked at the Japanese login modal instead of the registration modal. The disclaimer appears with Japanese locale on my forum. :person_facepalming: