Discobot "capybara" search

I have noticed one user being stuck on discobot tutorial. When I check his discussion with discobot, I have noticed that he did not pass “capybara” step.

Then, I have noticed on Dashboard, that there were searches for “capybara” (with quotes). When I tried to search on discobot topic for “capybara”, I was surprised to see, that it was not found?!
I would expect that this would work, particularly as users might just copy text from discbot reply.

What is the difference if you use “” on single word search? I would suspect for them to behave the same.

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Here on meta, it works both with and without quotes for me – either curly or plain ASCII, and scoped to topic, or whole site.

Try searching for the word a l b a c o r e without the spaces (don’t enter that word here, there is only one hit for it on meta, by design). Add quotes, curly quotes, same results.

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I noticed that it finds the right post in topic, just the extracted text does not include previewed text with “capybara” - and this is why I (and the user) might be confused as that search did not find it)

If I search without quotes:


Oh I see you mean the excerpts. @sam is there anything we need to do here for curly vs ascii quotes?


@tgxworld can have a quick look, highlighting is done by postgres, my guess is that we are not removing " before asking the highlighter to do its thing so it is attempting to highlight the word "capybara" and not finding it.




Should I look into getting ts_headline working?

Very extremely low priority, better results is much more important than better excerpt. Also ts_headline can not work anyway cause of the things we do with index as far as I remember. We do some word “explosions” like www.domain.com becomes www.domain.com domain.com in the index so ts_headline will go all freaky.


Thanks for the report @Lure :slight_smile: This was a good one. Fixed in



Just tested it - it works. Thanks!


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