Discord as only Auth method: working, with issues


Enabling Discord Auth and disabling other login methods works well but seems to have a couple unintended effects.

Firstly, the login is redirected to discord without any prompt, confirmation, or warning to the user. Would it be possible to make this type of configuration still have a button to proceed as it does when there are more login methods enabled? It’s confusing for some new users why they are ending up at a discord auth screen.

Secondly, embeds from URLs pasted manually in discord only show the discord webpage embed, not the forum URL contents. It would be great to have this show the embed for the page they are trying to visit as it does when there are other login methods enabled. (I assume that correcting the first issue above would solve this issue also).

Are there any manually configurable options to set my expected behavior for these two items?


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You can use the auth immediately site setting to control this.

Not sure about this. Is your forum set to ‘login required’? If so, I don’t see how Discord could ever fetch the page data without some kind of authentication :thinking:


I’ll look into this, thank you.

I may be mistaken but at the very least it would have some kind of basic site info. This is what happens currently as described in the first post

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Ah yes, I see :+1:

Hopefully turning off that auth immediately setting will help that issue as well - let us know how it goes.


That indeed fixed the embed.

It’s also does make it less confusing. There’s still no mention of discord auth at the sign in screen, would it be possible to make that more obvious?

You could change the “Log In” text to “Log In with Discord” if you like. Just search for “Log In” in the text customization area:


This works, thank you.

Top notch support, I can’t thank you enough


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