Discord Bot Construction Kit 🤖

OK I’ve developed the plugin a little further now and have POC for two way communication working:

Here are the new settings


  • You can designate an Announcements Channel on Discord in the plugin settings.

  • You can now type into the assigned Discord Announcements Channel and this will post your message to your assigned Discourse Topic in the plugin settings

  • You can set up a list of Categories in Discourse to post to the Announcements channel on your Discord if someone Posts there or adds a new Topic (either or both).


In addition I’ve added a new file to manage Discord events supported by the discordrb API, with Announcements logic being the first example (feel free to develop new ones and PR if of general use to the community).

I’ve also removed the changes required to app.yml to install libsodium-dev as this is now optional having updated the dependencies and not required for the plugin at present (no need to handle voice). This will make installation much simpler.