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On one of the discord communities I help moderate, there are multiple libraries from different authors whose communities overlap and thus they use that Discord and the relevant channel for tech support on that library.

The ideal solution for SEO, knowledge base building, and convenience would be to have everyone use a Discourse forum, but all things equal people simply prefer posting their questions on Discord and the responding party is left to find some manual solution to replicating that conversation into Discourse.

In an effort to combat this inefficiency without forcing a poor UX on the user (e.g. “Welcome to Discord, now go use the Discourse and repeat the same question again”), I’d like to have it so that each library channel main comment has the potential to automatically generate a new topic in the Discourse forum. This would get spammy fast, so I would want it so that it is only triggered if:

  1. it turns into a thread (implying it was a question that was actually responded to)
  2. it was responded with a chosen emoji to by an authorized role (tech support, moderator, admin, etc)

From there, any followup comments in that Discord thread would automatically be followed and posted as responses on the same parent Discourse topic as well. (Note: It’s not important that any user accounts exist – sending as “system” or a designated bot would be acceptable, so long as it mentions the username it originated from in the body of the posts)

When do you need it done?


What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Please make an offer / quote.

P.S. If you’re contacting by PM, please provide your quote of time and costs first. I will assume any requests to have a call or move the conversation to another medium are from people who did not actually read this post and are thus just spam.

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