Discord integration plugin: Group dropdown on rule is empty

I’d like to use the Discord integration plugin to pipe all mentions of the admin and moderators groups into Discord, and yet when I go to set up a rule for this the Group dropdown is empty.

e.g. Here’s a list of my groups.

censored by new user rule (only one embedded image allowed)

And here’s the rule dialog. There are no groups available to select from the dropdown.

What am I not understanding here?

I’d also like to be able to pipe flagged messages into Discord, but I don’t see anything that indicates that’s possible.

Thanks in advance.

@david Update, none of the predefined groups that come packaged with a fresh install will show up in the dropdown. e.g. Admin, Moderators, Staff, or any of the trust level groups. If I create a new group it will show up, but what I’m really looking for is Discord notification when a user mentions an Admin or Moderator. Is this by design?

And I’d love to be able to set up a rule that will notify on a flagged post.