Discourse based roles/access on Discord

Hope I am in the correct category…Tried to search about that feature, but did not find anything.

I am woundering if there allready exists a discourse plugin which gives access roles on a specific discord server, based on discourse groups?
So for example:

  • a discourse user has the group gaming
  • this user want to access the forums discord server
  • so he can access via an invite link or other
  • gets to the discord server and automatically gets the role based on his discourse group
  • possibly when he deletes his account on discourse, roles on discord server gets revoked

Thanks for help and time.


This would be dependent on whether Discord can pull the groups out of the Discourse SSO response payload.


I am not a developer, so my knowledge is minimal on that stuff. I know a program called Alliance Auth which is doing exactly that what I was asking:

It handles the roles via a bot, but how that works I cannot say :slight_smile: So groups created in AllianceAuth also are being created on the discord server.

I know @Vocino did exactly this.



Thx for the Information. Do you evetually know if he is sharing the codebase to the community?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes we are doing exactly this with a custom ruby app. It’s not really in any kind of state to be shared. It also has a bunch of other random features thrown in that are specific to our community.

@Vocino thx for your reply.

I know it’s an old thread, but this is something that we’d like to do with our discord server and forums. Googling anything related to this functionality keeps returning this thread as a top result :frowning:

Hey @Wedgebert,

I know this is on @erlend_sh roadmap. Maybe he have more details about this.


Would love to have a closer look at that :wink:

In related news, I’m looking for a developer who’d be interested on working on this as a paid gig. Anyone interested should PM me.

Any new update on if someone is working on this?

I saw a NodeJS bot by @Watercolor_Games which has this functionality, but it’s not plugin based. I have some concerns when using this for large Discord guilds. An event based Discourse plugin that updates Discord roles when a Discourse users trust level/group changed sounds much safer.

The one by @Watercolor_Games is currently in the process of being converted into a Discourse plugin. You’re probably best just waiting for that to finish.

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Yeah, it’s being ported to a plugin. I’m part of the team for the port though it’s not likely I’ll be doing much actual programming - even though I will be trying to learn Ruby and how to write my own discourse plugins from being a part of this team.

I will say that we’re aiming for feature parity, everything that the node bot can do or was planned to do, the plugin will do as well.


That sounds wonderful! I’m guessing we should keep an eye out on the same repository of the NodeJS bot (different branch)?

I’m not entirely sure yet. We’ll keep you guys posted, though. :slight_smile:

Thought I’d poke on this topic.

I’m moving my community to discourse and we currently have a xenforo plugin that does this for us. Having this as a feature on our new forum is a must :slight_smile:

Any news on how the development goes?

Is still still planned as a feature?