Discourse based roles/access on Discord

(Daniel Nevoigt) #1

Hope I am in the correct category…Tried to search about that feature, but did not find anything.

I am woundering if there allready exists a discourse plugin which gives access roles on a specific discord server, based on discourse groups?
So for example:

  • a discourse user has the group gaming
  • this user want to access the forums discord server
  • so he can access via an invite link or other
  • gets to the discord server and automatically gets the role based on his discourse group
  • possibly when he deletes his account on discourse, roles on discord server gets revoked

Thanks for help and time.

(Matt Palmer) #2

This would be dependent on whether Discord can pull the groups out of the Discourse SSO response payload.

(Daniel Nevoigt) #3

I am not a developer, so my knowledge is minimal on that stuff. I know a program called Alliance Auth which is doing exactly that what I was asking:

It handles the roles via a bot, but how that works I cannot say :slight_smile: So groups created in AllianceAuth also are being created on the discord server.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

I know @Vocino did exactly this.


(Daniel Nevoigt) #5

Thx for the Information. Do you evetually know if he is sharing the codebase to the community?

(Travis) #6

Sorry for the late reply. Yes we are doing exactly this with a custom ruby app. It’s not really in any kind of state to be shared. It also has a bunch of other random features thrown in that are specific to our community.

(Daniel Nevoigt) #7

@Vocino thx for your reply.