DiscoTOC mobile view does not work with Docs

The DiscoTOC theme component does not use the mobile view correctly when the topic is shown via Discourse Docs.

This is what the ToC of a topic looks if viewed normally on mobile (button on bottom): Administrative Bulk Operations

And this is how it looks if viewed through the docs plugin on mobile (just like desktop): Administrative Bulk Operations - Docs - Discourse Meta


Good catch! I am able to repro this here on meta with the same topic as in screenshots above. @pmusaraj you reworked DiscoTOC recently so may have ideas on how to fix this.


It’s not quick to add mobile support for TOC in docs pages, because a bunch of layout pieces from core would need to be rebuilt. For now, we can just hide TOC on docs mobile topics. Here’s a PR for that: UX: Hide TOC on mobile docs topics by pmusaraj · Pull Request #32 · discourse/DiscoTOC · GitHub

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