Table of Contents sometimes cut off on smaller screens

Unfortunately, the table of contents runs off the screen in Docs.

Which doesn’t happen on the regular topic view.


This is happening because the sidebar takes up horizontal space on the left side, which means we now have three vertical menus showing up at the same time which does not leave much room for the DiscoTOC menu! If you screen is not wide enough to see it all, you can hide the sidebar.

I agree we should do something about this and we will get to it at some point. Do you have any suggestion for an improved layout for Docs?

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I had an idea…maybe put the TOC in the sidebar?

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That is really bad idea UX-wise — how do you think mobiles would use it, for example?. If it will move it should be found it there where it is everywhere: in the about beginning in the text where an author decided put it.

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There are many directions we could go. I think the lowest hanging fruit is to change the UI on docs so it does not use a vertical nav. Moving the discotoc nav is also an interesting idea.

I would love to see some experiments from the community!