DiscoTOC not showing in composer after latest component update

I can not see it on discourse editor any more in lastest upgrade
Could you check this?

I can’t reproduce this here on meta. Can you confirm you are looking for it in the first post in a topic? It does not show up in replies.


How could I do it?

Not sure I understand your question? Do you mean how do you add the table of contents? Start a new topic and select the :gear: gear to open the composer options. There select add table of contents, and the markdown required to display it will be added to your post.

Read the first post in this topic DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents for more details.


Yes, I usually use it.

(Sorry. I misunderstood that you want me to create new request at meta.discourse for my question.)

It seems caused by newest update of discourse API. I have same bug in other plugin. After I updated last discourse repo, it is ok now; and I could see TOC button in editor again.

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Did you try updating Discourse? Did they fix it?

It sounds like this was also caused by this issue with the theme compatibility system:

Hopefully when that is looked at it should prevent this situation in the future as well. :crossed_fingers:

I’m glad you managed to resolve it in the meantime though. :slight_smile: :+1:


I’ve reverted my changes for the time being while we look into the bug:


Yes. Like I said in issue link above.
I upgraded to new repo of discourse, and it is fixed by new upgrade.

(But not sure in this plugin)
It seems ok now. I could see button in editor now.