Contains_dtoc in Grey Amber theme header

If you switch to Grey Amber theme here you can see a “contains_dtoc” in the header.
Not sure what category this belongs in (here or bug).


Looks like an issue with the DiscoTOC theme component (cc @Johani). This is specific to Meta and I’ve removed the component for now (it was only enabled on some themes).


What’s the best way to go about disabling this component if it this breaks all my theme views preventing me pulling up mainsite or /admin?

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Access your site via safe mode. Go to, disable the current theme, and then you can disable the theme component from the admin panel. See How to use Discourse Safe Mode for more details.


It appears this has been fixed for my issue. Updated dtoc via safe mode and now works. I think I got an update between code pushes. Thanks

this is not just a grey amber theme issue - I had the same problem with the regular light and dark themes.

In any case, safe mode, update the table of contents theme component worked to bring my site back.


The root cause is fixed. See

Thanks for reporting the issue @Ellibereth :+1: