Discourse 2.0.0.beta10 Release Notes

New features in 2.0.0.beta10

New admin dashboard

The first release of our new admin dashboard is ready to go! The new dashboard highlights community health statistics in easy to review graphs, as well as additional activity metrics, top referred topics, trending internal searches, and more. Need a statistic from the old dashboard? You can still access it from the link at the bottom.

The new dashboard is just v1, we have more to add going forward. Learn more and share your feedback in:

Mobile navigation cleanup

We’ve improved the mobile navigation section to better scaled with different size devices, removing the “jumbled buttons” that previously existed.


Improved email handling

  • Keep EmailLogs records without a reply_key for 90 days by default.
  • Clearer error message when receiving a reply to an old notificaiton

Improved username change support

  • Update avatars in posts and revisions when user gets renamed
  • Replace username in notifications when user gets renamed
  • Update mentions and quotes when user gets merged

Keep formatting when quoting

We’ve taken advantage of improved HTML to Markdown support to keep most formatting when quoting formatted content

Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Plugin improvements

GitHub Linkback

  • Allow all user repositories wildcard

Data Explorer

  • Improve UX when no queries exist
  • Prevent creation of query without name

Spoiler Alert

  • Remove spoilers in embedded comments


  • Add “Unassign All” button to user’s assigned topics view
  • Bug Fix

Discourse WordPress Plugin

  • Fix timezone offset that is used for displaying Discourse comments published-at date


  • Bug Fix

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • New ‘staged’ users list for admins
  • Add a 30 seconds grace window for 2-factor token checks
  • Hide plugins that ship with core from plugins panel
  • Allow plugins to modify class statics
  • New site setting min_flags_staff_visibility
  • Display description for group cards
  • Add profile_background fields into SSO
  • Add plugin outlet for desktop (live) notifications area
  • Push notifications for Android

Bug Fixes

  • Infinite loading was broken on group activity posts/mentions pages
  • Do not replace hashtags in URLs
  • Do not replace twitter handles in URLs
  • PostOwnerChange should update ‘topic.last_poser’
  • Don’t purge unactivated users with a message
  • Keep ‘<kbd>’ formatting when quoting posts
  • Puts the datepicker on it’s own line on mobile device in the feature topic modal
  • Changing owner of deleted reply didn’t work
  • Don’t use PMs in Incoming Links reports
  • Tags in a ‘visible by everyone but usable only by staff’ group weren’t visible by everyone
  • UTF-8 encode feed response body
  • Message bus had corrupt internal state for first 30 secs
  • Copyedit plugin to feature for built ins
  • Allow editing post that belongs to deleted topic
  • Transaction in UserAnonymizer prevented avatar from updating
  • Changing tag group privacy setting was not consistent
  • Automatically in/decrement topic_tags.pm_topic_count
  • Search icon is rendered outside of tag-selector filter-input
  • Scrub all settings that has ‘_secret’ in name
  • Scrub secret setting values from logs
  • Automatic group membership when using SSO
  • IncomingLink: do not log IP of logged-in users
  • Makes report description optional
  • Username update should ignore revisions without raw
  • Update search index after renaming user within posts
  • Update avatar in oneboxed posts when renaming user
  • Anonymizing user didn’t replace uploaded avatar in posts
  • Only unstage staged users
  • Allow user quotes in HTML digest emails
  • Staff members should see all tags
  • Always unstage users when they log in
  • Redirect users after signing up with a social login when using SSO provider
  • Remove unneeded escape when building a Quote
  • Redirect users after signing up using SSO provider
  • Redirect to sso_destination_url after account activation
  • Show a json api response when deleting a user with posts
  • Format posts for embedded comments as we do for emails
  • Clicking a group mention on mobile was 404ing
  • Always update bounce score (instead of doing it once per day)
  • Supports user/group mentions and category hashtags when quoting posts
  • Prevent theme uploads from overwriting existing variables
  • De-duplicate push subscriptions - ensure unique user/key
  • Automatically add user to groups after updating email address
  • Temporary redirect for service worker scripts
  • Better handling of invite links after they are redeemed
  • Use default locale for flag reason
  • Deprecate invite_passthrough_hours setting
  • Replace username in deleted posts when user gets renamed
  • Exact matching should also match on title
  • Add context for deactivated user logs
  • Regenerate vapid keys when the public key bytes is blank
  • Retrigger notification when a topic is recategorized.
  • Topic search wasn’t working for unlisted topics
  • Retrigger search scoped to a topic if topic changes.
  • Search term scoped to topic should be highlighted in widget dom era.
  • Don’t downcase group name.
  • Incorrect query when removing a group owner.
  • Decorate user stream should include element
  • Proper category >` subcategory order in List-Id description header
  • Revert to es5 function syntax

UX Changes

  • Show footer on groups pages
  • Don’t show ‘auto delete’ option for TL4
  • Add link to /groups from Admin>Users
  • Show a message when more than 30 site settings matches the current filter
  • Show the counts when displaying only overridden settings
  • Show 30+ count when more than 30 site settings matches the current filter
  • Show an envelope icon when a badge is used in messages
  • Remove obsolete warning about changing post ownership
  • Show close date on automatically closed polls
  • Add proper titles to topic navigation links in hamburger menu.
  • Don’t set width to auto for select kit combo box.
  • The first sentence in the line had a period but the second did not.
  • Display site settings shortcut for poll and discourse-nginx-performance-report.
  • Improved performance of emoji dialog


  • Defer user notifications
  • Use cached reports for dashboard if available
  • Remove N+1 query.