Discourse 2.2.0.beta10 Release Notes

New features in 2.2.0.beta10

Theme improvements

Beta10 continues our work to improve themes and theme components. Take advantage of different font size settings per device, so you can pick a large font on your High DPI desktop while keeping the normal size font on mobile. Also, import and export themes in a common .tar.gz format, quickly see which theme components are unused, and we’ve added support for additional metadata in the theme about.json.

2.2 release coming soon

With the 2.2 release just around the corner, we’ve spent extra time these last few weeks ironing out those pesky bugs, and a little less time on new features. Once the 2.2 release hits, expect another quiet week or two while we let the release settle, and then we’ll be right back to work with version 2.3.


Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Plugin improvements


  • Bug fix

Spoiler Alert

  • Bug fix: allow links behind spoiler to be clicked

Group Tracker

  • Bug fixes

WP Discourse

  • Bug fixes


  • New setting to allow configuration of commit count for badges.

Data Explorer

  • Bug fixes

Staff Notes

  • Display most recent staff note first

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Add recipient avatars in PM topic list even if they not yet replied
  • Default block ahrefsbot crawler
  • Default block semrushbot crawler
  • Add total on stacked-chart tooltip
  • Do not autoclose topics due to user flagging that are authored by staff

Bug Fixes

  • Support application/gzip theme imports, and improve error message
  • Convert lightbox html into proper image markdown
  • Javascript error when opening rename tag modal
  • Heisentest
  • Match drafts using key when deleting
  • Prevents race condition where the same report is loaded multiple times
  • Properly handle attachments in received emails
  • Circular argument reference
  • Fix safe mode regression
  • Respect min_flags_staff_visibility for new flags too
  • Ensures ordering set in tags-show queryString works at first load
  • Makes staff_logins show only admins
  • User_id handling on remove user from group
  • Do not show backups stored in subfolder of bucket
  • Raise or log error when deleting of backup fails
  • Use context sensitive “create topic” via keyboard if possible
  • Ensures correct scroll position of textarea after autocomplete
  • Discourse-poll-option test wasn’t working
  • Includes staff in staff_logins report
  • Link to the user preferences page is incorrect in user admin page
  • Replaces inline button message with d-button
  • Allow sending PMs to staff via flag even when PMs are disabled
  • Allow sending PMs to staff via flag even if the user trust level is insufficient
  • Displays user-card when clicking on avatar of post small action
  • Lazy Loading: copy only present srcset
  • Fix URL to user profile.
  • SiteNavigationElement was reversed
  • Stop propagating keyboard event when replying to topic/post
  • Corrects selector for move-to modal styles
  • migrate_to_s3 task not setting the right content_disposition.
  • ‘anon’ css class is missing for anonymous users
  • Icon missing due to typo
  • Keep tags when switching to shared draft
  • Don’t notify of pending flags if min_flags_staff_visibility not met
  • Improves stacked-chart layout on ie11
  • Better handling of resizing in stacked charts
  • Don’t update User#last_seen_at when PG is in readonly take 3.
  • Don’t clear connections on failover.
  • Clear connections before disabling readonly mode.
  • Fallback Redis by checking status on master instead of slave.
  • Clear anon cache when clearing recently readonly.
  • Alignment for small-actions, gap, removing unneeded clearfix
  • Whitespace breaks activity column in Firefox
  • Badges appeared in wrong badge group

UX Changes

  • Do not prepend discourse to theme filename if it’s already there
  • Improves copy of various reports
  • Bump up notification panel width to accommodate larger text
  • Improve global notice description
  • Change topic reminder notification icon
  • Removes width constraint in user-card badge section
  • Use solid circle to indicate selected option in polls
  • Protection for very wide category-logo images on narrow screens
  • Removes margins from categories in suggested topics message
  • Admin badge page improvements
  • Improving aligment within topic timer modal