Discourse 2.0.0.beta3 Release Notes

New features in 2.0.0.beta3

Improved HTML Pasting Support

Introduced originally in Discourse 1.9.0.beta16, in this beta we’ve improved support for pasting lists copied from Microsoft Word.

Improved Theme Support

Community theme developer @lll requested the ability to whitelist a specific HTML class that could be targeted by a theme. Theme developers can now use div[data-theme-*] as a target. For more information, see How can I whitelist a class in a theme?

Improved Category/Tag Dropdowns

First released in Discourse 1.9.0.beta15, @joffreyjaffeux has continued to improve our select boxes and dropdowns. For 2.0.0.beta3, further improvements to the category and tag filters have been added, including category badges and a brand new tag selector in the composer.

Login by Link via Email

Thanks to contributor @fantasticfears and @tgxworld you can now login to Discourse without typing your password! Simply request a “magic login link” via email and click to login. Site administrators can enable this via the enable local logins via email site setting.

New Site Settings

Some extremely large/busy sites have requested additional controls limiting what users can do. We’ve added 3 new site settings giving admins additional control. These settings include:

  • allow staff flags, false by default - can users flag staff posts.
  • min trust to post links - customize the minimum TL to post links
  • min trust to flag posts - customize the minimum TL to flag a post

Menu Toggle for Different Reply Modes

Ever started a reply to a post but realize it really should be a reply to the topic? How about realizing your reply is going off on a tangent and should be its own topic? Now you can easily switch between different types of replies right from the composer.

Security Updates

This beta includes 3 security fixes for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Don’t onebox whispers
  • Correct local onebox category checks
  • Prevent robots from indexing certain routes

Even more!

But wait, there’s more! For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Plugin improvements

Staff Notes

  • Log user silencing automatically
  • Keep staff note even if linked topic is deleted

Ad Plugin

  • Fix AdSense ad formatting
  • Fix broken Amazon setting

Auto Suspend

  • Don’t suspend non-real users (like system)


  • New onebox for gfycat


  • Performance improvements
  • Show additional details on user admin page
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Add missing translation

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Add goanna rendering engine to non crawler list
  • Show avatar flair on user profile page
  • Notification API Endpoints for Admins
  • Only load service worker for Android
  • Style new gfycat onebox
  • Vanilla bulk importer
  • Display search on large category-drop and tag-drop
  • Mixed text direction support
  • Allow better fidelity for auto linkify, disable most tlds based linkify

Bug Fixes

  • Oneboxing to private messages
  • Allow local oneboxes to public topics/posts in PM
  • CategoryTagStat queries need to exclude PMs with tags
  • Makes mini-tag-chooser search more efficient
  • Allow discourse app to link directly to upgrade page
  • Show create new topic link in advanced search mode
  • Group posts had the wrong paths in subfolders
  • Couldn’t like staff when allow_flagging_staff was set
  • Allow 404 pages to use the current theme
  • Better handling of category badge when displaying sub and parent cat
  • Activate user even if email token is already confirmed
  • Do not translate the same string two times when rendering icon label
  • Check can_create_tag on create and not on select
  • Broken composer-actions spec
  • Improves contrast on period-chooser when using dark-theme
  • Regression preventing uncategorized badge to be shown
  • Continue discussion when creating new topic from composer-actions
  • Rate limiter text is confusing, should not say daily
  • Displays an error when reaching tags limit
  • Embedded topic was not found when URL contained query string
  • Include post in staff action logs when silencing a user
  • Override backspaceFromFilter only if defined
  • Don’t grant new user of the month badge to suspended users or based on deleted topics/posts
  • Upload fails silently if it is bigger than max allowed size
  • Stop counting offline page as a page view
  • Invite to message was not allowing groups
  • Border issue with group inputs on high resolution displays
  • Allow links from one relative uri to another
  • Don’t allow silenced users to reach TL3
  • Post_destroyed webhook event not fired
  • Don’t auto select ALL topics, only keyboard chosen ones
  • Using cmd-f to search in a topic wasn’t restricting to that topic
  • Makes sure we add ellipsis to action-title
  • After deleting a post, staff can recover it
  • Delete the invalid auth cookie even if you hit the rate limit
  • Don’t show personal messages if disabled as a composer action
  • Consider oneboxes links wrt to min_trust_level_to_post_links
  • Don’t show the link button in the composer if linking is disabled
  • Makes sure we display whisper if we don’t have a post
  • Validations could prevent moving posts
  • Preserve original date when moving first post
  • Ensure we never send elided content via email
  • Too much Javascript :slight_smile:
  • Don’t show messages setting if messages are disabled
  • Customizing site texts ignored current locale for _MF keys
  • Overriding _MF translations worked only for English
  • Don’t throttle local lookups
  • Count the links in the post
  • Only send up to 100 selected tags in the tag search request to avoid sending a query string that’s too long
  • Correctly shows link to post number when editing
  • Prevents exception when opening new topic on mobile
  • Desktop/mobile heatmap colors should be the same
  • Size of tags input field of tag group
  • Process_post job should update baked_at and baked_version if it rebakes the post
  • Automatically unsilence users
  • Makes scrollbar always on for small dropdowns
  • Prevents a regression where enter wasn’t working in inputs
  • Prevent long composer overlapping controls
  • Enable personal messages in tests
  • If personal messages are disabled, don’t show messages for groups
  • Order the homepage box in the same order as the top menu
  • After moving the posts topic timestamp should be updated with newest post
  • Simplify styling of category-name when using category-drop/link
  • Makes sure we have a content to filter
  • Improve dropdown-select-box on mobile
  • Remove unused import
  • Makes composer-actions toggling whisper instead of replying
  • Unused import
  • Admin reports charts should use same time of day as dashboard numbers
  • Admin reports would sometimes return fewer than 30 days of data, causing current 30 day period counts to be too small and prev30day counts to count the wrong days
  • Max-height auto is not valid
  • Don’t show “Grant Badge” if badges are disabled
  • Use css instead of js to fix select-kit-collection max-height
  • Remove activation link from account approved email (#5548)
  • Don’t return 200s when login is required to paths
  • Only count ‘human’ users in group.user_count

UX Changes

  • Make mobile timeline extra short in landscape
  • Restore width of composer user selector.
  • Link post ids in staff action logs to the post
  • Preventing usercard and profile URLs from overflowing
  • Improving post-link alignment
  • Better alignment of small topic statuses
  • Show the footer on the user summary and preferences pages
  • Allow history modal to scale down on smaller screens
  • Cleaning up category badge alignment
  • Add specific classes to ip address rows on user admin
  • Only crops images taller than 18:9 instead of 16:9
  • Prevent anons from clearing pins in topic view
  • Improve semantic of login button for better password managers compatibility


  • Remove oga gem
  • Have nginx cache and serve the service worker file.
  • Only require the rss library if used
  • A faster way to count tags used per category
  • Add index on user email logs
  • Optimize performance of new topics query (home page)
  • Tl3Promotions job can limit the number of TL3 candidates by using some simple requirements in the query