Discourse 2.2.0.beta2 Release Notes

New features in 2.2.0.beta2

There are no new major features in this beta.

Image Bug Fix

A bug was found in the 2.2.0.beta1/2.1.0 stable release which could cause images to break. This release resolves that bug, and recovers images that were broken. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to ensure broken images are not permanently lost.

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Updated IPB import script

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly keep stylesheet cache entries
  • Onceoff job to recover missing post uploads.
  • Don’t index urls to local files
  • Ensures errors in report initialization fail nicely
  • Ensures we have a color for reports
  • Treats users_(by_type|tl) as other reports
  • Update PG gem
  • Ignore and log bad json values for custom fields
  • Do not try to recover invalid Upload#short_url in UploadRecovery.
  • Remove div used to measure textarea position
  • Allows forcing unsafe string in select-kit
  • Uploads not being linked correctly to posts.
  • Display a correct error when attempting to agree on a deferred flag
  • Use current user color scheme when filling theme-color attribute
  • Use current user color scheme when filling meta attribute theme-color
  • Rescue ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid in find_or_create_by_safe!
  • “false” didn’t work as locale_default
  • Pop3 polling password and mailgun API key should be secret