Fixing Broken Images -- Summary of Steps?

Per this post

and suggestions on how to fix the issue, can anybody confirm that these are the right steps to take after upgrading to the current beta?

rake posts:rebake
rake posts:missing_uploads
rake uploads:recover_from_tombstone

Is there some good place that these rake tasks are documented?

I have broken images on this old post:

And I’m trying to set up my classic Kinesis keyboard. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m on 2.7.0.beta1.

Thanks in advance for any advice, and thanks Discourse team for such a great product!

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Unfortunately our track record here has not been good… I have some permanently broken images in my own hosted Discourse as well, which is also circa 2014 or so :frowning:

Not sure if @sam or @gerhard has any advice, but I would not get your hopes up. Sorry :cry:


I’d say your case is close to the ones described here:


You are probably out of luck unless you still have a very old backup file that contains the missing files.

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My apologies on resurrecting this one but after trying the above methods, I still can’t get the images back.

Perhaps a more experienced eye for these things will spot something

example post 1 and example post 2

However, here is an old one where the images work