Discourse 2.2.0.beta8 - PWA Error

Just upgraded to discourse 2.2.0.beta8 and it seems to throw up this warning:

When I click on the link, I see that I have already uploaded an image for the same. I did try re-uploading it, but it still gives the warning. What am I doing wrong?

(The Splash logo size is 2434px x 2437px)

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The image must be a 512x512 PNG as said in the setting description.


I suggest to change the wording to make clear it’s a requirement and not a recommendation. Same applies to short_title.


I would agree, as I had this same issue and it says Recommended not Required.

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Thanks for the recommendation, we’ve updated the texts in multiple places to hopefully make this better :+1:

copyedits · discourse/discourse@67a7670 · GitHub
UX: Improve short_title SiteSetting description · discourse/discourse@1a39f6f · GitHub
UX: Improve logo setting texts to hint that dimensions are a requirem… · discourse/discourse@88546bf · GitHub