Discourse 2.5.0.beta3 Release Notes

New features in 2.5.0.beta3

Improved Bookmarks - now with reminders!

Saving topics/posts for later review has evolved numerous times since the start of Discourse. From stars, to post bookmarks, to user topic timers, we’ve tested out numerous options. We’ve now combined the best of all these into our new bookmark system.

Users can bookmark any post or topic they wish to save for later. Bookmarks can be later accessed via the bookmark tab of the user menu, as well as from the bookmarks page within the user’s activity section. Additionally, users can set reminders to be notified of their bookmarks at a later date. Reminder options automatically adapt to the time and date, so you won’t be offered to “Remind me Later today” when bookmarking at 11pm.

See Improved Bookmarks with Reminders for more details.

Merge Users via the UI

In early 2018 we added support for merging two user accounts into each other. To do so required SSH access to the server, as merge support was added as a rake task.

Users can now be merged by any admin! Visit the user admin page, and select “Transfer & Delete” at the bottom of the page.image

Enter the username you want the account to be merged into, and click “Transfer & Delete @username” to start the merge process.

Suspect Users Added to Review Queue

Discourse has long included a “Suspect” user list, which shows users who edited their bio and/or website field on their profile, but did not read anything on the site. Users matching that criteria have been shown to have a higher likelihood than not to be a spammer.

Many Discourse sites were unaware of this list. Further, reviewing the list of users to clean it up was a long process. To improve this, we now add suspect users to the review queue, so they can be reviewed alongside flags, akismet, post approval, and more. We hope this makes keeping your forum clean of spammers a little bit easier.

Automatically Delete Replies

Moderators can now set topics to automatically delete replies after x days, keeping topics clean. We find this most useful on wiki/knowledge base type topics, where discussion is ephemeral, or is integrated into the first post.

Code Block Copying

Here’s a small feature for code-heavy sites. We’ve added native support for quick copying of code blocks. Simply move your mouse over the code block and click the copy button in the top right corner.

New site setting embed_unlisted

Many blogs use Discourse for their comment section. But not every blog post gets comments. When a post is made on a linked blog, Discourse automatically creates a topic for the discussion. This can lead to a lot of “clutter”, with numerous topics that have no replies. Admins can now enable the embed_unlisted site setting, which will cause topic created by the blog to be unlisted until the first reply. Users can access the topic via the “Start Discussion” link at the bottom of the blog post.

Internet Explorer 11 Support ending June 1

We posted about this back in January, but wanted to remind everyone as the date is fast approaching. Please see the topic below for full details.

Even more!

But wait, there’s more! This release has many additional new features, as well as the usual collection of bug fixes, UX improvements, performance enhancements, and more. Far too many to list here. For a full list, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.


Security Updates

This beta includes 4 security fix for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Ensure user can see group and group members
  • Respect topic permissions when loading bookmark metadata
  • Respect topic permissions when loading draft metadata
  • Prevent access to other user’s bookmark lists

Plugin improvements

All plugins

  • Bug fixes
    • We’ve patched numerous bugs across our entire suite of plugins


  • Publish webhook event when assigning and unassigning topics


  • Prevent Auto Publish setting from auto publishing post updates to Discourse. The Auto Publish setting is only applied when a post is initially published on WordPress. If the post is later updated on WordPress, to update the content on Discourse, click the Update Topic button from the WP Discourse sidebar.
  • When Discourse is the SSO provider for WordPress, pass WordPress redirect_to URL parameter to the SSO process.


  • Publish webhook event when solving/unsolving topics


  • Add option to expire policy monthly, quarterly, and yearly, in addition to x days

Canned Replies

  • Add new site settings to allow non-staff users to use canned replies.

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Make report filters reusable
  • Add created_at column to user_badges
  • Improve rendering of RSS feeds
  • Rake task to export groups
  • Users can be ignored for six months.
  • Add support for upload format in theme settings.
  • Add user_session_refreshed trigger
  • Enforce_canonical_emails site setting
  • Plugin support for transpiling regular .js files
  • Add after-reviewable-post-user plugin outlet
  • Webhooks and Event for user being granted a badge
  • Show noscript view to unsupported browsers
  • Support for publishing topics as pages
  • Add same site cookie ‘None’ option to make cross domain systems possible
  • Screenreader landmarks for main, suggested topics
  • Enable offline browsing and fullscreen PWA in iOS by default
  • Hash user API keys in the database
  • Allow admins to disable self-service account deletion
  • Add setting auto_approve_email_domains to auto approve users
  • Display “Last Updated At” on user directory
  • Allows multiple custom emoji groups
  • Option to update child theme components via theme CLI.
  • Stricter rules for user presence
  • Invite_code is case-insensitive
  • Allow plugins to exclude wizard steps
  • List search menu shortcuts in instructions modal
  • Navigate through search results using J/K
  • Unassign the review queue topic when a flag is handled
  • Show votes in an “on voted” poll to the creator
  • Google Calendar doesn’t support URL in iCalendar, add fallback description
  • ICalendar feed for Bookmark reminders
  • Demote muted categories on category list
  • Show rejected posts count in user summary
  • Optional global invite_code for account registration
  • Add support for custom gravatar-like services
  • Allow for a larger maximum post length
  • Allow themes to specify modifiers in their about.json file
  • Broader support for post uploads in video markup
  • Improve keyboard shortcuts help modal
  • Add embed_set_canonical_url setting
  • Add site setting to disable staged user cleanup
  • New route for loading multiple user cards simultaneously
  • Prevent accidental canceling when drafting penalties
  • Option to connect to Redis using SSL

Bug Fixes

  • Handle sub-sub-category paths without an id
  • caret icon should inherit its color
  • differentiate sk outline handling on single/multi
  • use absolute url for /user_avatar/ links
  • Properly add ‘two-rows’ class to header-topic-info container
  • Improve selector for copy codeblock button
  • Only confirm bookmark delete if a reminder has been set
  • Reject invalid Category slugs
  • PublishedPages error responses
  • TopicsController error responses (There was an issue of two separate Topic instances for the same record. This makes sure there’s only one up-to-date instance.)
  • Make InlineUploads handle more URL formats
  • When category or tag is muted, update user
  • Temporarily compatibility for Evented on a Topic Route
  • Set category description to first posts cooked value
  • Concurrency issues with making topic embedded posts visible
  • Don’t make topics visible unless the posts are regular
  • Allow embed updates of just the title
  • Embedded topics couldn’t update their titles
  • An opts hash was not, in fact, optional :slight_smile:
  • Wizard was creating duplicate Light theme if Light was selected
  • Restore to S3 didn’t work without env variables
  • Infinite loop in migrate_to_s3 rake task
  • Prevents custom emoji to show double colons and set background img
  • Set user timezone on password reset login
  • Do not raise an error if the post action type is nil
  • Stops bookmark keybaod event to be propagated into modal
  • Topic title in search contains data-topic-id
  • Flaky groups_controller_spec
  • Template-lint uses strict rel-noopener rule which requires noreferrer
  • Abort emit_web_hook_event job cleanly if web hook was deleted
  • Reviewable score JS was in the wrong folder
  • Keyboard navigation fixes in setup wizard
  • Don’t demote users to TL2 when default trust level is 3
  • Ensures keyboard event is not propagated when using c shortcut
  • Reopen sidekiq log files after rotation
  • Makes topic-list-item decorator work on mobile
  • Minor bookmark with reminder issue cleanup
  • Google groups import changed login URL
  • Attempts to listen more reliably to scopedCategoryId changes
  • Only apply bold font on topic lists
  • Remove word boundary regex (\b) for search result highlights.
  • Add short_path to upload_serializer
  • Allows custom groups updates to be reflected without recompilation
  • Toggle bookmark for topic was not working after cancelling the modal
  • Include subcategories in ‘posts’ report
  • Remove invalid background
  • Show today’s date on /users page period chooser
  • Ensures toolbar is updated on composer action change
  • Missing timezone guess on email session login
  • Use correct command line attribute for gifsicle while scale down the gif.
  • Adds values/entries/NodeList.forEach/before polyfills for iOS 9.3
  • Detect more unsupported browsers
  • Ensure first post is loaded before trying to bookmark topic
  • WCAG-AA compliant topic list heatmap colors
  • Labels for modal close and dismiss-error buttons
  • Add index on user_api_keys.key_hash
  • Ensure .gap width does not exceed window width
  • Quoting posts
  • Correctly attribute quotes when using Reply button
  • Correctly attribute quotes when using replyAsNewTopic
  • Allow quoting a quote
  • Correctly mark quotes as “full”
  • Don’t try to create a quote if it’s empty
  • Prevent low score flags from auto-closing a topic if the reviewable default visibility is higher than low
  • Respect automatic group membership when sso changes email
  • Redirect /my/*path to /login-preferences on client side
  • Widen modal on desktop
  • Exclude private messages from TL3 requirements
  • Reset gravatar cache by adding random param to URL
  • Fix untitled/long links extending out box
  • CSV Exports were throwing errors with invalid dates
  • Include pending queued users regardless of their score
  • Show topic level bookmark with reminder modal
  • Revert inadvertently removed css class
  • Add category hashtags support for sub-sub categories.
  • Prevents registering multiple topic-notifications-button:changed
  • When loading drafts set the topic
  • Remove date from bookmark reminder non-English translations
  • Guardian always got user but sometimes it is anonymous
  • Guardian always got user but sometimes it is anonymous
  • Ensure category_id is an integer
  • Topic.time_to_first_response should include sub-sub-categories
  • Limit personal message participants when converting from topic
  • Check active themes for all requests
  • Do not attempt to deselect tags if filter is not empty
  • Jobs/delete_replies: Add Time+Duration, not Time+Time #9314
  • Move total rows count & load more URL inside meta.
  • Allows color-input to set hex and color names through input
  • Track links in onebox body if it’s same as header link.
  • Default to light theme in wizard so that previews are displayed
  • Show today’s date on /top page period chooser
  • JQuery deprecation warning
  • Removing a timer with duration doesn’t work.
  • Set null high_priority columns to false in high priority notification migration
  • Replace default welcome topic post with new value from wizard
  • Restore failed if schema contained objects not owned by the current DB user
  • FlagSockpuppets should not flag a post if a post of that user was already rejected by staff
  • FlagSockpuppets should not flag a post if a post of that user was already rejected by staff
  • Ninja edit for replies not working
  • Correctly load drafts based of id
  • Staged users getting user_linked and user_quoted emails
  • Bypass serviceworker cache for auth routes
  • The correct action for group-member-dropdown is now actOnGroup
  • When a post is moved copy notifications level
  • When switching reply type update options
  • Do not save draft while it is loading
  • Error when changing a topic’s category and creating a tag
  • Makes clicking and displaying date picker more reliable
  • Ensures mini-tag-chooser display min tags req if no selection
  • Prevents rendering empty timeline-controls
  • Correctly take category/group filters into csv export
  • Prevents exception when clicking component title above ace editor
  • Allows adapters to define a custom primaryKey
  • Allow invite email field to be blank for invite tokens
  • Get_size_from_image_sizes should return [width, height] or nil
  • Quoting a nested quote should preserve original post info.
  • Custom SQL with a trailing comment might break BadgeGranter SQL
  • Check for presence of name before normalizing
  • Keep date object
  • Narrative bot not working for bookmarks with reminders
  • Ensure wiki editor is assigned consistently
  • Auto redirect had invalid extension
  • Broken transpilation
  • nil != false
  • Mbox import failed if no tags were configured
  • The migrate_to_s3 rake task couldn’t find the AWS SDK
  • Importing with pgbouncer failed
  • Groups filtering input was causing a full page reload
  • Perform crop using user-specified image sizes
  • Perform crop using user-specified image sizes
  • Use correct spacing in emails with code
  • Display small post actions when embedding a topic
  • First pass to improve efficiency of secure uploads rake task
  • Change secure media to encompass attachments as well
  • Allow JS transpilation
  • Resolver wasn’t being set properly
  • Use 1 column instead of 4 for permalink destination
  • Ensures we have a date object in date-time-input
  • TopicEmbed#absolutize_urls was trying to modify a frozen string
  • Word boundary regex (\b) not working in Unicode languages.
  • Fix image optimization pipeline
  • Do not use original filename to extract the original filename
  • Ensures search-menu is not briefly showing previous results
  • User-selector was not excluding currentUser
  • Race conditions in search menu
  • Prevent scheduled publishing to deleted category
  • Improve user timezone saving
  • Check for permalinks before showing the 404 page
  • Wizard tests were missing
  • Respect prioritize_username_in_ux setting on /about page
  • Middle click was reading every notifications
  • Backfill topic timer duration
  • Correctly remove authentication_data cookie on oauth login flow
  • Post edited webhook does not reflect updated topic title
  • Permalinks should redirect to category URL including the ID
  • Correctly remove authentication_data cookie on oauth login flow
  • Moderators should be able to review flagged PMs since this has always been like this
  • Don’t fail if the test environment doesn’t support Webauthn
  • Include entire slug path in permalinks
  • Add support for sub-sub category slugs in search
  • Allow CSP to work correctly for non-default hostnames/schemes
  • Update email_digests user option when default_email_digest_frequency updated.
  • Show the envelope icon when the flagged post is a PM. Flagged PM must be exclusively reviewed by admins
  • Fix a PostgreSQL error when a draft was concurrently created
  • Use the new duration attribute in set_or_create_timer method.
  • Correctly remove authentication_data cookie on oauth login flow
  • N1 issues for bookmark list
  • Use id instead of elementId in hbs file
  • Improve HTML to Markdown conversion
  • Condense line codes in emails
  • Prevent mobile bookmark modal cutoff
  • Theme-javascripts using incorrect subfolder setting
  • Broken computing of userHasTimezone in bookmark modal and missing tap-tile templates for regular users
  • Remote themes Github link should go to custom branch #9184
  • Consistency to show mute/ignore menu in user profile
  • Don’t display webhooks for inactive plugins
  • Dismiss notifications on middle click
  • Add basePath to link for “no timezone” in bookmark modal
  • Improve bookmark modal on mobile and bookmark sync rake task
  • Sync-alt is used on composer draft indicator
  • Use delete_all_posts_max to improve consistency when using the delete button from the admin view
  • Show time input in poll builder
  • Check for existence of post before creating notification
  • Bookmark reminders and improvements changes
  • Ensure show_short URLs handle secure uploads using multisite
  • Fix html response in development after ApplicationController reload
  • Plugins may have relative symlinks
  • RANDOM_PASSWORD not working rake admin:create
  • Method from Telligent import script was deleted by accident
  • Ignore suspect users that were migrated or users who were created more than six months ago
  • Failed to restore backups from versions without translation overrides
  • Remove parent tag from tag group
  • Make sure bookmark serializer works with deleted topics + posts
  • Add topic deleted check to email/sender
  • Prevents i18n helper to return a SafeString
  • Notification emails with attachments are incorrectly structured
  • Enter submits form for hyperlink insert modal
  • Prevents crash when to be unescaped emoji is not a string
  • Differentiates flag-modal and flag-modal-body
  • Show topic progress on iPad when portrait-oriented
  • When must_approve_users is enabled, we don’t want to send suspect users to the review queue. Only non-approved users should be sent. Provide a migration to auto-approve every problematic review item
  • Missing constant in SMF2 importer
  • Typo on draft save
  • ContactPicker was not setting invite input on topics
  • Featured_topic.fancy_title was rendered without emojis
  • Some errors and clean up in confirm-new-email
  • Various fixes to support posts with no user
  • Last ip address could point at wrong ip
  • Ensures category exists for hideParent in categoryBadgeHTML
  • Throw error when removing a user from group fails
  • Don’t break the private key when writing it out during theme import
  • Throttles topic tracking shortcut and enforces topic id
  • Preserve TopicCreator’s timestamp resolution
  • Correctly checks if component is in modal
  • Ensures pinned-options header is showing correct state
  • Set current user timezone when saving profile timezone
  • Incorrect message when logging in via email
  • Error message for 403 when featuring topic on profile
  • Preserve PostCreator’s created_at resolution
  • Use bio_excerpt when checking for presence
  • Removes legacy refreshQueryWithoutTransition
  • Import script might have skipped some users due to missing ORDER BY.
  • Ensure category and tags can be changed from reviewable
  • Embarassing algoriths typo ->` algorithms for security keys
  • Check if auth token exists before revocation
  • Prevent race condition when post processing post
  • Tolerate quotes with no username and no title
  • Import posts of missing users from phpbb3
  • Prevent avatar flair image from repeating on user/group cards
  • Allows to define placement strategy of select-kit body
  • Uses only global allow_uncategorized_topics for category drop
  • Correctly format select options for group poll by fields
  • Allow quoting from a closed topic while writing a reply
  • Show a nicer error if name/code missing for TOTP/Security Keys

UX Changes

  • better outline support in sk components
  • Fix broken image placeholder styling
  • Set focus when launching composer on iOS
  • Wizard Font Size
  • Prevent category dropdown from wrapping count, limit mobile width
  • Improve published page avatar resolution
  • Applies default background color to onebox
  • Strip base64 image URLs when converting HTML to markdown.
  • Note “Summarize This Topic” settings behavior
  • Adjust noscript footer nav
  • Displays full date time when displaying ranges
  • Ensures timezone is used over localTimezone when displaying dates
  • Display zones without prefix to reduce noise
  • Restyle bookmark reminder modal
  • Removes color on categories if no style chosen
  • Remove share as link fallback on touch devices
  • Use color variable for background of shortcut keys
  • Break very long words in titles within menus
  • Minor tweaks to users directory last updated at styling
  • Better customize emoji layout on mobile
  • Add flair styles to latest topic list
  • Ensures esc key is correctly working when in dates form
  • Fix composer position on iPads with a hardware keyboard
  • Better spacing for icons in select-kit labels
  • Improves date-time-input on mobile
  • Align bulk select menu toggle relative to main wrapper when possible
  • Disallow tag creation in “default tags” site setting choosers.
  • Show better error images
  • Display avatar flair in categories route topic list items
  • Larger tap areas for profile panel in user menu on mobile devices
  • Hotkey K can select partial posts
  • Disable highlight animation on deleted posts
  • Refresh group membership list when removing users or changing owners
  • Improve suspect user copy on /review
  • Remove “Live Notifications” user profile section on iOS
  • Uses mod+p instead of ctrl+p and command+p for printTopic
  • Improve copy for suspect users feature
  • Better spacing for icon in select-kit label
  • Respect prioritize_username_in_ux setting for user avatar title
  • Adds support for a color setting type


  • Improve lazy-load performance in Safari
  • Enable new user card route by default
  • Cache Category.subcategory_ids
  • Speed up migrations on multisite
  • Backup with lots of uploads stored on S3 was slow