Discourse 2.6.0.beta6 Release Notes

New features in 2.6.0.beta6

Disable local edits of remote themes

Add support for auto-updating themes on Discourse updates

Themes marked for auto update will be automatically updated when Discourse is updated.

Create revision when bulk moving topics

Previously when modifying a topic’s category or tags via bulk edits, no revision was logged. Revisions are now logged on bulk edits. For sites that wish to avoid revisions, disable the create revision on bulk topic moves site setting.

Link site setting titles directly to their change log

Ever wondered who changed a site setting, and when? Site setting changes have always been logged, but finding them amongst all the other logs can be tough. Now, to see the change log for a site setting, hover over the site setting title and click the history icon.

Improve errors when title is invalid

Discourse includes validation to help avoid ALL CAPS titles, titleswithreallylongwords, and titles with all the same letter. Previously, the error given was seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?, which doesn’t provide good feedback for the user to correct. Now, specific feedback is given:

"seems unclear, most of the words contain the same letters over and over?"
"seems unclear, one or more words is very long?"
"seems unclear, did you mean to enter it in ALL CAPS?"

Allow /u/by-external to work for all managed authenticators

Add Google Universal Analytics v4 as an option

Per Google, sites are encouraged to upgrade from Universal Analytics v3 analytics.js to v4 gtag.js for Google Analytics tracking. We’re giving admins the option to stay on the v3 API or migrate to v4. Admins can change the implementation they’re using via the ga_version site setting.

Create a linked topic on autoclosing mega topics

When topics exceed 10,000 posts, performance begins to degrade. As such, Discourse closes topics that reach the threshold automatically. Now, when such topics are closed, a new topic is created automatically to continue the discussion. For more details, see Linked topics (splitting and managing megatopics)

log_out_strict is default disabled

Previously, when a user logged out of Discourse, they would be logged out on all browsers and devices. As users can now view all devices from their preferences, and log out all devices from there, the log out button will now only log out the current browser/devices. Sites can revert to the previous default by re-enabling log out strict in site settings.

Category group moderator improvements

Category group moderators can now delete topics within the category.


Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Plugin improvements

Many plugins

  • Bug fix
    • We’ve patched numerous bugs in many of our plugins
  • Translations
    • We’ve updated the translations in many of our plugins


  • Do not render solved filter on categories page, there is no topic list to filter!


  • Add support for multiple IdP certificates


  • Mark Akismet posts with a higher score for review
    for forums that filter low/medium/high priority queue, Akismet’s spam filters may get lost. Forcing a higher score ensures that these reviewables will appear in the queue.

OpenID Connect

  • Add support for OIDC RP-initiated logout
  • Support PR-initiated logout post_logout_redirect_uri

Docker Manager

  • Add support for theme auto-update

Discourse Docker

  • Replace the default ImageMagick policy.xml with a file containing some resource limitiations. The intention is to stop exceptionally oversized images (and/or malformed images) from consuming all resources on a system.


  • Ability to permanently destroy the encrypted message

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Search filter for searching all PMs on a site for admin
  • Add an API key scopes for handling incoming email.
  • Implement edit functionality for post notices
  • The ability to permanently destroy the private message

Bug Fixes

  • Show better error if no bookmarks found from search
  • Cached badge_count isn’t updated after backfilling badges
  • Modal methods should be wired up in setupTests not in module
  • Selected Tag Group permission shouldn’t change during save
  • Add missing translation for ‘views’ key.
  • Precompile wizard stylesheet
  • In newer embers, it’s triggerKeyEvent not keyEvent
  • Do not allow a tag to be synonym of its own
  • Use the correct key for the receive_emails scopes
  • Remove post-action when a post is permanently deleted
  • IndexCategoryForSearch category_id job exception
  • Disable auto_update for existent themes
  • Save draft when either title or reply is present
  • Inline avatar style for onebox when embedding secure images
  • Show read indicator only for group PMs
  • Disallow editing of remote themes
  • Store Reviewable’s force_review as a boolean.
  • Paste the spreadsheet to the composer
  • Do not optimize animated images in cooked posts
  • Reset category edit page button state
  • Add a way to cancel initialization of new draft
  • Use filters parameter instead of filter for staff action log
  • Add history icon to svg_sprite list
  • Ensure staff can see /tag/none
  • Do not optimize uploaded custom emoji
  • Precompile all plugin and color definition CSS assets
  • Restore (deprecated) ability to overwrite a property
  • Improve failover for multisite clusters
  • When creating linked topics make sure they belong to same category
  • Hide sso email behind a button click and log views
  • Use more specific selector for header
  • Show hidden posts to staff members.
  • Remove duplicate category description
  • Renaming and deleting tags
  • Handle rapid concurrent SSO attempts more gracefully
  • Make secure image onebox check more robust
  • Do not use “max_tags_in_filter_list” setting for showing PM tags
  • Small copy change in wizard
  • Paths with categories and tags were being generated incorrectly
  • Global setting needs to be coerced to float
  • Improve errors when invite to topic fails
  • Do not enable published page if secure media enabled
  • Correct “no tags” route in tag drop-down
  • Trim no-break space in to-markdown
  • Inconsistency in S3 inventory config
  • Include header offset relative to window
  • Update review settings.
  • Limit_topics_per_day should only apply to regular topics
  • Secure_media stripping on lightboxes, non-image links
  • Enqueue PostCreator jobs outside transaction block
  • Group notification level cannot be null
  • Stop bypassing email checks for invite emails
  • Safely skip secure_media steps when it’s not enabled
  • Show error message if user is already silenced or suspended
  • Remove 4 month limit on IgnoredUser records
  • Hide ‘category read only banner’ in categories list page.
  • Make all email subject vars available in notification subjects
  • Make addNavigationBarItem subfolder compatible
  • Disabled action buttons on newly-created category
  • Show an example username in Review Settings
  • Ensure oneboxed secure images which are optimized and also lightboxed optimized images are embedded in email
  • Category drop shows undefined

UX Changes

  • Bottom padding for menu panel on iOS notch devices
  • Only link the icon for site setting history
  • Handle large email addresses on email skipped and bounced tabs
  • Update the invite button label
  • Draft delete button was looking odd on user stream
  • Use appropriate logo on static pages
  • Layout changes to edit category page
  • Add a confirmation dialog for draft deletion
  • Add a link to invites on quick access profile panel
  • Increase the hit area of pinned topics on mobile
  • Add stock suspension reasons to suspend dialog.
  • Increase limit of custom user fields
  • Minor cosmetic fixes to the wizard
  • Show theme git branch for private repositories
  • Remove label and add danger class to remove draft button
  • Truncate long usernames in multi-username notifications
  • Give furigana and other top-overflowing elements a little space
  • Truncate long nav items in dropdown menu
  • Update topic small action post to add link for new linked topic URL
  • Wider canvas buttons in wizard
  • Sort user badges by Gold > Silver > Bronze.
  • When creating linked topic use URL and let onebox work its magic
  • Fix confusing admin UI for color scheme updates
  • Update labels to indicate that invite link will be generated (not copied)


  • Simplify topic serialization for user summary page
  • Preload topic thumbnails for all topic lists
  • Update index for category in a background job.
  • Introduce aggressive rate limiting for anonymous