Missing "edit html&css" and "uploads" button for components

The edit button on the component pages does not appear in one of the Discourse installations. That’s why I can’t edit the styles of the components. What could be the reason for this? Edit: Also “uploads” section is missing.

Discourse version: 2.6.0.beta5

What could be the reason for this?


We’ve restricted local editing of remote themes:


Thank you for the answer.

What should we do for the next customizations? Should I create my own Github repository for any component and make edits on it? An easier way?

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Yes you can either fork the Github repository and customize it that way, or if you prefer customizing it with the Discourse admin interface you can create an additional local theme component (so for example you’d have the remote version of custom header links installed from Github, and then you can create a local “custom header links edits” component and add that as well).

If you’re willing to learn a little bit of git, forking is probably the best way to go about it because you get all the benefits of source control and have all the Github features available to merge your changes with upstream updates.


Awesome, i am willing to learn a little bit of git, I will use benefits of source control. Your answers have been very helpful. Thank you.

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