Discourse 3.0 Roadmap?

I see 2.9 is in the works, is there an release date for that version and any sort of ETA or roadmap of discourse 3.0 ?

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We have not set an official date for 2.8 let alone 2.9 or 3.0.

We usually do 1 to 2 major releases every year, when we are ready to start slotting stuff into 3.0 we will add it to the #releases category.


Sorry if this is listed somewhere, and… I guess it’s not really important, but I’m curious — does going to “3.0” imply anything in particular other than “it is 0.1 higher than 2.9, and we didn’t want to confuse people with 2.10?”

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Historically we went 1.9 → 2.0 … so it would kind of follow that we would do the same thing here, not sure :man_shrugging:


I, for one, suggest going from 2.9 to “30”. :slight_smile:


I must have misunderstood this thread; Discourse Version 2.9 - my apologies.

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