Discourse 3.1 is here!

Today, we are pleased to announce Discourse 3.1! Filled with features for members and admins alike, this version includes chat threads, a more customizable sidebar, improved search and numerous other improvements. This release is accompanied by the launch of our Discourse AI plugin, embracing the power of emerging large language models (LLMs) to make your community easier to use and moderate.

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Here is what I think of 3.1:

AI is so helpful because it allows me to correct any grammar mistakes I make!

Threads clean up chat. It will be nice to see in actual chat rooms.

The custom sidebar links being a default feature makes it easier to navigate, especially when juggling five different forums, I can simply just click a button to jump back and forth.

The new hashtag system is much better than the old system :slight_smile:
It looks cleaner, and it isn’t that much of a mess.

Discourse 3.1 is most certainly a nice update :slight_smile:


I remember when you were rolling this out on BoingBoing, and even the earliest version crapped all over anything else. Such a lovely platform you’ve created. May the completely enshittified Facebook crash and burn one of these days, and may people remember how much more functional a proper discussion platform can be.


Discourse v3.2 Released