Discourse Activation email link fails

Hi all,

I just setup discourse on Rocky Linux and I’m receiving the email from Discourse to confirm my new account and it gives me a link to confirm it. I click on the link and when I do, the browser opens a page that says 404 Not found with nginx version 1.24.0

What could be wrong?
I do receive the email, so I don’t anything anything is wrong with my SMTP settings.
In addition, this is an internal setup only, not facing out to the public internet. Only accessed internally, if that makes a difference.

Thank You

I just ran Discourse Doctor and I’m seeing this error
SSL_Connect returned=1 errno=0 peeraddr=Mymailserveraddress:25 state=error: Certificate verify failed(Self signed certificated)
For solution it says this is not a common error , no recommend solution exists.

I have disabled TLS in the YAML just for testing , that does not help either

I’m able to receive the registration email, any help would be appreciated.