Discourse Activity Summary Emails Guide

Yes, topics from private categories will be included in the summary email for users who have access to the categories. If you’re an admin on the site, the easiest way to test this is to go to Admin / Emails / Preview Summary, add a user to the User field on that page, and then click the ‘Refresh’ link.


Awesome - thank you!

Would you mind including in this guide the fact that Activity Summaries are suppressed if the user has been emailed (about anything) in the last 24 hours? It makes sense why this is the way, but it isn’t obvious to newbies. This really tripped me up recently.

I was trying to ensure that notifications (emails most practical for our crew) for new topics and PMs went out promptly, whilst also having a good summary intermittently. I tried to achieve this by:

  1. forcing my users to “watch first post” of the relevant category(s)
  2. all receive PMs via emails.
  3. Activity Summary sent every 3rd day.

What I got on testing was that the Activity Summaries only sporadically got sent. So I gave up on them - in error. Now I know the reason why!

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