Discourse Add Group API


I am using the discourse_api gem, and adding a group fails as follows:

client = DiscourseApi::Client.new
client.create_group(name: "some_group")
DiscourseApi::Error: {"errors"=>["Name must be at least 3 characters"]}

This is because of a mismatch between what the gem posts, and what the API expects.

The gem posts

    "group": {
        "name": "some_group",
        "visible": "true"

But the controller method does not expect the root ‘group’ key:

 group = Group.new

 group.name = (params[:name] || '').strip

The discourse api documentation does not seem to mention groups: Discourse API Documentation

I am happy to fix this bug, but wanted to ask what we think the correct API design here is - should we fix it by removing the root element from the packet posted by the gem, or should the controller method be changed to deal with the root element?

(Régis Hanol) #2

Yes, please :heart_eyes: .

I changed the API recently but didn’t update the gem :flushed:


Here is the PR :smile:


(Régis Hanol) #4