Discourse admin dashboard statistics time generation

What time does the dashboard pull its stats? I would like to sync it up with 12:00 AM 0000 EST

It is also odd it shows today stats, but they’re never fully accurate? It even says the dashboard has updated within the last 3 minutes?

Heres a screenshot reference of my forums dashboard https://voskcointalk.com/

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Hi just wanted to bump this thread in case anyone has some insight on this

Also bump up. I have been wondering about the same thing.

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I just found in the Sidekiq interface that there is a job Jobs::DashboardStats that runs every 30 minutes. That sounds like the job that would generate these stats, but so far triggering it manually had no effect.

To see this information:

  1. Go to the Sidekiq interface of your Discourse installation. This is probably not available in a hosted environment, and only on the main site of a Discourse multisite installation. However, for normal standalone Discourse installations, an admin user can access it at:

  2. Click on “Scheduler” in the main menu, find the table title “Recurring Jobs” and click on “history” behind it.

  3. Filter by job name Jobs::DashboardStats. The direct URL to the filtered view would be


    This view shows that the Jobs::DashboardStats job runs regularly every 30 minutes.

Now strangely, when triggering this job manually under “Scheduler” in the Sidekiq interface, I did not see any increase in the field “Activity Metrics → Pageviews → Today” on the admin dashboard, or in any other counter there. I understand that the graphs on the admin dashboard all end at the day before the current one in order to yield comparable values. So the graphs will only change when a new day has completed. But I expected the “Activity Metrics → Today” column to update with every run of the Sidekiq job. So far no success, though.

Input from the team would be welcome. Or we could consult the source code, of course :nerd_face: