Discourse AI - Create/review/suggest reference topic(s)

Since the Discourse AI has access to all of the content on the site and can provide human understandable feedback, have it crate/review/suggest reference topic(s) such as a Wiki topic.

Many advanced users of a forum start to create reference topics, (for lack of a better word). Then other users may read the reference topic and make suggestions. The same line of thinking happens with programmers learning to program and having the AI review their code. So why not have the AI review reference topics. In other words for programmers, replace what we do with AI and source code with AI and reference topic. This leads to the obvious next ideas, that instead of reviewing content have the AI generate content, or even recommend new or missing reference topics.

I already use Discourse AI (the chatbot and the composer assistance) to do this. It’s manual, and via PMs, but the chatbot is another tool available while I organize knowledge.

What specific feature are you describing? :slight_smile:

Sounds like a module for the plugin that specifically scans public content… and makes suggestions? How would it work for the user?