Chat with forum via the AI


Chat with forum via the AI.

After posting, learned this already exist, it is just very limited to who can presently use it. (08/15/2023)

Here is a glimpse of using the Discourse AI - AI Bot.

Discourse AI - AI Bot glimpse

For those who have used ChatGPT plugins that let you chat with a PDF, the same could be done with a Discourse site.

As we know, a majority of the questions asked on a forum are already known and available on the forum if a user just looks but many would rather just ask a question first. So why not let the AI give an answer based on the information in the forum.

I don’t recall seeing this suggested and was surprised that it has not been suggested sooner.


Already implemented :slight_smile:


@sam What is already implemented?

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Our chat bot knows how to search the forum and read topics


For those like me who missed the dots being connected.

Discourse AI - AI Bot (chatbot - ChatGPT- Anthropic)

If you do not see the robot icon in the upper right then you do not presently have access. (08/15/2023)


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