Discourse AI - Self-Hosted Guide

I feel your pain. Coming across some service I have running and little idea how I started it happens more than I’d like.

Right. Even instructions that we write for ourselves don’t make sense when we need them.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude or mean, and it looks like I was. My point was just that it’s hard enough supporting people running the Standard Install, so figuring out what your skills are and how you’re planning to launch it and whether it’ll be on the open internet and whether you know how to or want to have it protected with https (you probably do if you think you’re protecting it with API keys, is hard.

Yeah. If you’re putting this somewhere that someone else can contact it, I think you’ll want to define that API_KEYS variable and find some way to generate some random-ish thing to use as a key. And then you’d enter that same key in the settings of the plugin. That’s what I did. I didn’t check that using the wrong key would break it, which TBH, I think I should have. Maybe I’ll do that on the instance I’m about to add the plugin to.

But it might be nicer if the OP included the -d and set the API_KEYS env variable.

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