I want to install Discourse AI on Discourse

  1. I want to install Discourse AI on Discourse. Which of the following three methods should I use to install it?
    1-1. add the address of Discourse AI’s .git to ‘nono’ as shown in the plugin’s installation instructions
    1-2. Discourse AI - Self-Hosted Guide Enter the three lines of ‘Docker’ commands shown in this address to install it.
    *Do I need to enter the command in the root directory?
    1-3. Do I need to do both 1-1. and 1-2.?
  2. What are the minimum specifications to run Discourse AI?

If I want to use Toxic, NSFW and Sensitivity in my self-hosted discourse, is it enough to just add this GitHub - discourse/discourse-ai?

Or do I need to install them with the docker commands specified in the link below?

You need some LLM too that is something else that OpenAI based and a lot much more expensive. That plugin is just kind of interface, nothing more.

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Thank you for your response, could you please elaborate a little more?

As your link tells just AI-plugin itself doesn’t do anything. It only gives settings. You need some AI too, self hosted or from OpenAI.

Models of OpenAI don’t give those services you want, so you have to go to self hosted. It needs some technical skills, but because you need quite big VPS it will be really costly.

So to use it, I need to install the ‘Docker’ command from the self-hosted guide in the second link, not just the plugin? (I’m self-hosted)

Something like that, but much more.

If I understand you correctly, does this mean that you need more than just plugins and ‘Docker’?

Yes, you need actual AI.

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If in doubt, first try it all out by getting a key from Open AI first, then tackle the more complex task of deploying a local LLM engine later:


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  1. if I understand correctly, in order to properly bring up certain APIs on self-hosting, you need to install them using docker commands, is that correct?
    For example, if it is a toxic AI, I would need to install “docker run -it --rm --name detoxify -e BIND_HOST= -p6666:80 Package detoxify · GitHub”.
    1-1. In this case, is it okay to leave the endpoint values as they are?
  2. “docker run -it --rm --name detoxify -e BIND_HOST= -p6666:80 Package detoxify · GitHub” Should this command be run from the discourse directory? Or should it be run from the root directory?

You are only buildin up like a gateway. You must have AI itself somewhere. And to get what you are wanting you propably want to host one by yourself. And because demands are really high you will spin up a separate VPS and install that AI there.

So if you have done that then you have to tune up that docker command properly and you are good to go.

But AI is not part of docker or Discourse.

Perhaps you should do what Rober proposed and start with OpenAI. And after that at some point move on.

BTW, those functionalities you are looking for are not that reliable than you may think. And costs at least 60+ USD a month, perhaps 300+ is more close to reality.


Thank for your reply