Discourse AI with notification in telegram bot

Hello! I have a telegram bot connected on the forum (for personal notifications), where messages (message notifications) from the forum come, you can also respond to these messages through this bot.
Is there any plugin or theme component that supports CHATGPT for telegram bot.
It would be very good if the user could post a message to the CHATGPT bot on the forum through the telegram bot, and the bot could send a response to the telegram bot. In this case, the dialogue should be saved on the forum in the user’s private messages.

If this function is not currently available, is it technically possible to implement this?

p/s. I used google translate for this post because i don’t speak english. If something is not clear ask.

Can you share which Discourse plugin you use for two way communication between Discourse and Telegram?

If it can already reply to PMs, it should “just” work with the existing Discourse AI - AI Bot (chatbot - ChatGPT- Anthropic) feature of DiscourseAI.

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As Telegram Notifications Plugin (discourse-telegram-notifications) already supports replies, it should work with Discourse AI - AI Bot (chatbot - ChatGPT- Anthropic) just fine.

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Thanks :+1: I will test