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A while back I posted an issue with not seeing the categories on a mobile view (☁️ Discourse Air Theme - #172 by Jerdeman). I messaged a bit with @jordan.vidrine, but we were unable to get to the root of the issue. Hopefully someone else has some ideas.

For the details
Using a clean install of Discourse 2.7.11 on kubernetes with the help of a helm chart from Bitnami, and the latest version of the theme installed and configured as mentioned in the opening post, we do not see any categories on a mobile view and styling is off on the latest page.

What we tried
Besides using a clean install, we attempted to use some older versions of the theme as well. The problem however remained, but we did not exhaustively tried all versions.
We also compared the html on our instance with that of discourse.jordanvidrine.com , and noticed that it is significantly different.

Gut feeling
As we cannot use a ‘beta’ version, my gut feeling tells me this is a compatibility issue between the theme or one of its plugins and Discourse 2.7. I’d love to know if someone has this theme working on 2.7, and if so with which versions of the theme and relevant plugins.

Has somebody got this theme working with 2.7 and/or are there any clues on what we could do to get this working?

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