Why the top header part missing

Hi all, I am a beginner and just set up a new discourse forum. I followed the steps and it seemed to work well. But the top header part of the forum is missing and can’t be seen. How can I make it show up?

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Same issue here, only happening today, maintenance?, no problem when logged in:

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Logged out is also using the wrong layout and not loading plugins:

Looks like this may be an issue with a recent update, we’ll investigate.

@0talal.mash0 when logged in, if you go to admin → settings, search for bootstrap mode and set the bootstrap_mode_min_users setting to 0 it may fix this issue. I think the error is related to that feature.


hey Kris, setting it to 0 doesn’t even disable bootstrap mode. It still shows bootstrap mode in the header and the header is still missing when logged out.

I confirm the same result as @honeybunnie

Thanks for the reports! We have a fix in the pipeline and will have it deployed out to affected sites on our hosting ASAP.


Working great now, thanks!

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