Discourse as Homepage/Main

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything too close to answering my question:

I’ve used discourse in the past for a project - but I was attempting to create something similar to how macrumors.com has a blog style/forum website.

Is that possible with discourse or is there any plugin available for purchase that can do something similar? I understand many will suggest using WordPress and integrating discourse as forum, but I’d like all topics/blog posts to essentially become discussions like in a forum. On main page I’d like snippets of let’s say the blog post category to be displayed with images.

The only post that had anything similar to this mentioned a site called elektronauts, but they appeared to use a fully customized plugin.

Thanks for any help or pointing in the right direction!


Good timing. See this very recent topic which is a good place to start:

Do any of the options in the Topic List Preview plug-in appeal?


I believe that topic list preview may just do the trick enough for now! Will definitely give a more unique look - thank you!


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