How can I implement a blog page in Discourse Forum Software?

Hi @ all,

we are having an installation of Discourse up. Now we want to add a page which displays news.

we are looking for an option / plugin / feature to get the same result as on Elektronauts

Is there something that is available from discourse to realize that? How can we create such a page? The Styling is our part. We have the layouts.

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Its a plugin i guess a custom made one Elektronauts are using.

@SenpaiMass Thank you.

Okay. Does anyone think it is possible to recreate something like this with Sam’s Blog Plugin?

Or has anyone some recommendations what could be used instead?

You could use WordPress, or some other platform, to create the blog pages. The blog part of the site would load faster and be easier to maintain than a plugin that customizes Discourse. Something like this would be fairly easy to do with the wp-discourse plugin. You could get the ‘Recent forum activity’ for the sidebar by making an API call to Discourse. The only downside I can see to doing it this way would be that you couldn’t use the Discourse header on the blog part of the site.


Does anyone know anything about this custom plugin? That (Elektronauts) site is awesome!

Hey @simon thanks for the inspiration. I was also thinking about a wordpress installation but I didn’t knew that there is a Plugin for Discourse. Maybe we will choose this option.

@ron_jeremy thanks for being interested.

Everybody is welcome to speak their minds.

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I contacted them directly and they are considering to share their work back to the community. There are a few business concerns they need to evaluate before they are ready to go for it, so let’s wait and see.


[quote=“ljpp, post:7, topic:48496”]
they are considering to share their work back to the community
[/quote]That is great to hear! Any chance they mentioned how long before we’ll have an answer?

The feature on elektronauts is promising and would be a good addition for discourse

but …

the ‘news’ is a teaser and then it links to ‘talk’ is a bit much. If that can be skipped, that would be even better.

I’m glad so many of you are interested in knowing how this is done as much as we are.

Hopefully we will all find the answer to this soon.

Have a nice day.

To all those following I believe it is using this and styling tweaked

Actually I think they’re using their own plugin and/or forked version of Discourse. Pretty cool customization! Note that the pieces in the news stream on the front page are not topics. They have created their own route /news/{id}, with it’s own type of object, a ‘News’ object.

You can achieve a similar ‘media stream’ effect with Topic List Previews. However, note that Topic Previews are for topics. Also, if you want an sidebar like that you’ll need to override a template.

You won’t be able to achieve the exact Elektronauts experience without some relatively substantive work on a new plugin. Or you could ask them to take a peek at their code :slight_smile:


hey @ljpp,

have you heard anything from them?

I would be interested in setting up a similar page for my university course…



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Hi @ljpp,

Also wondering if they ever shared anything with you about their work?


No they have not. (20 char limit is too short)

OK, thanks for the update.

Has there been any progress or development of this option?

I would like to know the same. That customization is awesome and would really fit to my project :slight_smile:

I was going to make a new topic but I saw this topic again.

I was wondering if there is any fix to the current broken blog plugin, I really need a way to make a blog in my Discourse instance.

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Wow, that website looks great. It would be cool have some similar.

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