Discourse as SSO provider for multiple clients

Explanation of the scheme (this is the maximum option that I can imagine):
2 or more Discourse multisite installations. Discourse 0 is a common SSO provider for other Discourse (in the same installation or another). It is also a SSO provider for the network “WP Multisite host 2” and individual network sites “WP Multisite host 1”. Some single WP or / and some Ghost websites.
Arrows in the diagram denote SSO

Is it possible with standard plugins? Any problems?

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Discourse 0 in this scheme is essentially only an SSO provider. Is it possible to turn off the forum in this situation and leave only a few custom pages (for example, with a description of websites / forums to which authorization is given) and the login / registration form?

Or for these purposes it is better to use a stand alone special solution (which one?)

Nah, that would work. My only question is why you would have different forums if they’re all accessible by the same user base anyway?

What do you mean?
As far as I know, discourse multisite is just a common file base. DB and, accordingly, their users are different.

This is not the same as Wordpress Multiste where users are in the same database on all sites on the network.

Perhaps I am mistaken.

There will be different databases yes, but will the users in them be different if you delegate access control to a central SSO provider? At most, some users will not exist on some forums… but I don’t see a big difference between this and one forum with multiple categories.
So I’m just curious about your use case for this.

Of course, for my purposes it would be more convenient if all the Discourse Multisite forums were linked by a common user base. But it is not.

I have to choose and install a central SSO provider myself. About this and my whole question.

This is my target

Why not one forum with subcategories:

  1. different domains for different related subjects (I don’t like forums about everything - it’s outdated a long time ago)
  2. promotion of different narrow-topic forums with various tools
  3. targeting advertisers on a narrower site / forum topic

Why one user base

  1. It is more convenient to promote
  2. It is more convenient for users if you do not need to register on another adjacent site
  3. The mutual cross-pollination

But… if you have multiple forums about completely different subjects, will they share (a large part of) the same users at all? If the answer is no, then the reasons for one userbase will only have a minimal impact.

No, I said related subjects. For example: cats owners website, dogs owners website, home pets forum, Livestock Forum, online shop with pet toys/food, veterinary directory, etc

Perhaps any 2 topics will not be related to each other, but they can be linked through a third. This is how networks are built. All this because of possible synergy. It may not be, but to miss the opportunity is stupid, if it can be done.

My first scheme is not fully correct. This is more correct case:

violet arrows - SSO
red arrows - comments
Discourse 0 needed only for SSO, not for comments or discussions.

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@unicom Curious if you ever implemented this? I agree on the possible synergies you could drive…