Multiple sites with the same user accounts?

Hi… I’ve searched / browsed this forum but couldn’t find a simple explanation. Is multisite a feature where you want multiple separate sites but on the same server?

What I’m really looking for / wondering is if you can set up multiple forums on the same server, that share the same user database? Sorry if this has already been asked.

To share the userbase, simply have one of the forums be the sso provider and have the other forums be an sso consumer.


Note that this is visible to the user: When they want to log in, they always go to the same site. This could be confusing, depending on the use case. If you want to avoid that, you need to set up an external SSO provider.

Also note that this will share the credentials, but not the user profiles, group memberships, …

Profile stuff can be handled in the payload.


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Are there any newer/better approaches to this since the last post? This is something we want to do as well.

We definitely want to share user profiles so that badges (for example) only have to be earned once overall, not once per site.

Using discourse in multiple sites with shared accounts? suggests that just SSO will do the trick but Multiple sites with the same user accounts? suggests that using SSO just takes care of the authentication (credentials) but nothing else.

If you want shared badges, like using the sum for each site to get a badge, you gotta use a single forum and categories to separate stuff.