Discourse-assign breaks Discourse as subfolder

If your use Discourse as subfolder i.e. example.com/discuss then discourse-assign plugin starting with commit at Arpril 23 2020 breaks application after rebuild! It’s looks like blank white page.

If your point on commit at March 19 2020 like this:

- git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-assign.git && cd discourse-assign && git checkout e2057ca27b7f7a9941e0511cfbbfca23866b245e && cd ..

then all works fine!

Fix this please…

Is this legit @sam should we fix?

@nahimov can you confirm you are on tests-passed ?

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Ok! I will try this soon

The problem is still present, even on the stable version - 2.4.3

test-passed worked, but it’s beta version.
We do not use beta versions in production…

Sounds like you need to update to beta then :wink: … or wait for next release.

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