Discourse Automation

:mega: This plugin is now bundled with Discourse core. There is no need to install the plugin separately.

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Automation lets you automate actions through scripts and triggers. Customisation is made through an automatically generated UI.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-automation
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


  • Easy automation of complex workflows
  • Triggers automations at specific dates, periodically, or on specific events
  • Provides automatically generated UIs to specify options for your automation


Automations can be created and updated from Admin → Plugins → Automations, or directly from /admin/plugins/discourse-automation.

Available scripts

Guide Script Trigger(s) Description
:bookmark: Add user to group through custom field :black_small_square:Recurring
:black_small_square:First logged on
Adds a user to a group based on a Custom User Field
:bookmark: Append last checked by :black_small_square:After post cook Adds a ‘last checked by’ function to the bottom of the OP
:bookmark: Append last edited by :black_small_square:After post cook Adds a ‘last edited by’ note to the bottom of the OP
:bookmark: Auto Responder :black_small_square:Post edited/created
:black_small_square:PM created
Given a series of keywords and associated replies, automatically respond with the corresponding reply
Auto Tag topic :black_small_square:Post created/edited
:black_small_square:PM created
Automatically tag a topic
Close topic :black_small_square:Point in time
:black_small_square:Stalled wiki
Automatically close a topic
Create Post :black_small_square:Recurring
:black_small_square:Point in time
Creates a post
Flag post on Words :black_small_square:Post edited/created Flag a topic on creation/edition if it contains specific words
Gift Exchange :black_small_square:Point in time Simple implementation of the Secret Santa game
Group Category Notification Default :black_small_square:Category created/edited Automatically sets a group notification level for newly created subcategories
Make banner topic :black_small_square:Point in time Convert a topic into a banner notice
Pin Topic :black_small_square:Point in time Pin and Unpin a topic in the future
Random Assign
:black_small_square:Point in time
Randomly Assign a topic
Schedule a PM with data explorer results
(Data Explorer)
:black_small_square:Recurring Send a regular PM with the results of a data explorer query
Send Chat message
:black_small_square:Event started
Sends a Chat message to a Channel
Send PMs :black_small_square:First accepted solution (Solved)
:black_small_square:User badge granted
:black_small_square:User added to group
:black_small_square:Stalled wiki
:black_small_square:User promoted
:black_small_square:API call
:black_small_square:User removed from group
Send PMs with support for placeholders
Suspend User By Email :black_small_square:API call Suspend a user for a specified duration
Topic required words :black_small_square:Topic Enforce the presence of at least one of the specified words in the posts of a topic
:bookmark: Triage posts using AI (Official Discourse AI Plugin) :black_small_square:Post created/edited Enhance the management and moderation of forum posts by automating the process of classifying posts
User Global Notice :black_small_square:Stalled topic
:black_small_square:First accepted solution (Solved)
Displays a global notice on the site for a specific user
:bookmark: User Group Membership through Badge :black_small_square:Recurring
:black_small_square:User first logged in
Automatically add users to a group based on their earned badges
Zapier webhook :black_small_square:User promoted
:black_small_square:User added to group
:black_small_square:User badge granted
:black_small_square:User removed from group
Calls a Zapier webhook

Available triggers

Note that due to their nature, each script only supports certain triggers. For example it wouldn’t make sense for a script enforcing the content of a post to trigger when a user is added to a group.

All of the available triggers are mentioned in the “Available scripts” table above.

Most of the triggers are self-explanatory, but here are a couple that may need a little more detail:

Trigger Description
After post cook Triggers after a post is rendered for display
API Call Triggers when a certain API endpoint is called
Stalled wiki Triggers when a wiki hasn’t been edited for a while
Stalled topic Triggers when a topic has not received replies after a certain time
Topic Triggers when a reply is made to a topic

If you need any clarification on any others please feel free to ask below. :slight_smile:

More scripts and triggers to come!

Custom Automations

You can also create custom Automations. :partying_face: Check out our developer’s guide for more information - Create custom Automations

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