Discourse-azure-oauth2 -- version token support

If we create app from app registration, it creates version1 token and if we create app from app registration (preview) it creates version2 token.

We are using this plugin - discourse-azure-oauth2

Is this plugin support both version tokens and how?

Says here to make sure you use V2.

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Hi @codinghorror,

Thanks for the reply, we make sure that we will use V2 token.

We need to integrate discourse with Azure AD B2C application with Oauth2 authentication using discourse-azure-oauth2.

Are there any steps for integrating discourse with B2C applications Azure AD.

Scenario - If any external user wants to login/register, an user account should be created with that application in azure AD B2C.

For Azure B2C, I think you will have more success using the generic OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin rather than azure-oauth2. The discovery document URL details can be found here: Web sign-in with OpenID Connect - Azure Active Directory B2C | Microsoft Docs


Thanks @david,

Will try to integrate Azure B2C with discourse using OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin

Will ask query, if we got any issues.
Thanks guys.