Discourse Basic Editor - Beginner friendly composer!

The way the composer should be, bloody brilliant! I have some nit-picky feedback but that can wait since you’re just in the beginning stages.




Does this works with the latest build? 2.6 BETA

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Neat idea! Even on my forum, not everyone is comfortable with using the Markdown Editor directly.
The beginners (non-tech guys and elderly ones) probably feel the MD syntax alienish, and sometimes mess up their post formatting. (IDK how tho)

It would be great if the plugin eventually becomes an official plugin. :slight_smile:
Or even part of Discourse as a setting which the admin can enable for WYSIWYG editor.

Will try it out and post my feedback!


FYI the upload seems to be broken with the latest build, I’m getting this error:


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I guess its fixed now. btw… if someone does not have a test instance but wants to take a look:

you can create an account there and make test posts :smiley:
Its my dev instance so it might break sometimes or I will install other things but at the moment the basic editor is installed there.

Haven’t installed yet but a cool piece of work just by the sound of it. I’ll try this soon :slight_smile:


Great composer. Can you add color for text?

I took it for a test drive. Impressive.

Liked some of the features such as entering a table or adding a formula.
The cat icon had me confused until I clicked it.



haha nice :cat2: sadly it will disappear once I switched over to html only posts.
@Cam_Logical I will do this once I switched over to html. maybe not color, but probably alignment.

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Would you consider an option for touchscreen users in the design?

The context menus for selection on touchscreens are displayed ABOVE the selection & obscure the button bar when the selection is in the top couple lines of the text box.

This means short messages never gain access to the button bar functionalities.

Could there be an option to have the formatting buttons at the BOTTOM of the text box?

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Once oneboxing and the other Discourse related things are implemented we will for sure switch to this true WYSIWYG composer based on CKEDITOR as we used the same one our current website. Great work so far.


Do the oneboxes not work at all? What happens when you post a link on the first line of the post?

I think they should work with this one too. I’ll post my findings once I try this.


Maybe, not tested and there was no update from the OP… but there is also mentioning and what else I don’t know that needs to be implemented…

Hollow from picture. What do you use.


Oneboxing works fine on my end with this.

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Everything works like it would work with the normal editor. The UX is just not perfect at the moment.(if you want you can click on “show preview” and just do this like you are used to) But my assumption is that these features are not that relevant for beginner users anyway, so my urgency to work on this is not super high. The discourse specific additions to markdown (quotes of specific posts, mentions, oneboxes) will not be displayed in the wysiwg part.(but they are still visible in the preview and you can also switch back and forth to the advanced editor. just look at my video) My plan is to add a small button to every link so users can select to make them a onebox. All of this will be done by switching to html only posts. the conversion to and from markdown is just too much of a hassle. It wont be too hard to implement all of this. I read the relevant code in the discourse code base already. But my personal project ( a mandarin, english, german dictionary based on discourse) is higher on my priority list. Please keep in mind that I dont get paid to do any of this.


maybe this can be fixed with css. Does it never show up, or can you scroll up to see it? what browser/os are you using? maybe we can make it sticky but at the top. The issue is, that some browsers recently tried to be “creative” and moved the browser bar to the bottom.

Browsers are Firefox & Chrome in Android on a Motorola phone. Same thing happens with Discourse app.

The button bar is always there, it is just underneath a pop-up menu whenever the selection is in the 1st 3 lines visible in the text box.

A workaround is to insert 3 CR/LF (carriage return/linefeed) before the 1st text. Then delete those extras before posting.,

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yeah I just tested it. I get what you mean. its super annoying. But I think bars at the bottom are even worse. And also I need to research how to do this and I dont get paid for it. But probably there is a cleaner way to do it. I bet other projects have the same problem and there is a standardized solution. But as I said I have other priorities. Sorry to be so frank :smiley:
EDIT: just a note. there is a way to disable right click(double click on mobile). contextmenu - How to disable right-click context-menu in JavaScript - Stack Overflow but then users cant copy. its a mess…