Discourse blocking with password reset

We imported a group of 45.000 users on a discourse installation and send them an invitation link with a separate mailing program. After activating and password resetting about 300 users about 40 people could not reset there password during the registration procedure. We admins tried to reset them via the admin panel, but we got 422 error messages.

Who knows what goes wrong? Something in Sidekiq?


What shows up in /logs in your browser when logged in as admin? Any errors?

Inspector shows:

{errors: ["je hebt deze actie te vaak uitgevoerd, probeer het later nog eens."]}
["je hebt deze actie te vaak uitgevoerd, probeer het later nog eens."]

In english: you executed this action to often, try it later again.

We get this same message when you file a request at the site login page.

Additionally when we try to login we get a message that we have to wait to login

At 12 am we had this error in log> Job exception: Circular dependency detected while autoloading constant PasswordValidator

And Sidekiq has restarted a couple of times I yesterday en tonight consuming to much memory.

We had an update and a rebuild but we have still the same problems, is there a cap on the amount resets you can do?


and this error: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 422 (Unprocessable Entity)

Resolved, everything went over the same ip

See here:
and here:

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