Discourse Button Styles

(Daniel Finch) #23

Yes, I’m getting that after reinstalling it however I’m not getting the option to add it as a theme component to my active / user-selectable theme.

(Daniela) #24

Wait a minute, there was a typo and the about file give an error. @awesomerobot there is a fix ready on Github

(Kris) #25

Merged now, should be all set. Thanks again @dax!

(Daniela) #26

Try to update the component now @dlukefinch , just click on the Check for Updates button

(Daniel Finch) #27

Boom. Sorted! Thanks guys :partying_face:

(Sorin) #28

Hello guys,

A quick question. I have installed the modification and it appears to be set up correctly. However, I see that all the configuration fields are empty by default. I’m not really familiar with CSS, so anyone can provide me some default values for the configuration fields? I am using the default light theme of the discourse, but I’d only need the rounded pill buttons with the default theme colors. What fields do I need to change in order to make them with rounded corners?

Thank you so much

(Daniela) #29

Only the first, global button border radius.

No need, the component is already set to use the default theme color. Leave all the other fields blank.

(Sorin) #30

Exactly what I needed. Thank you so much

(Kamal Patel) #31

A couple questions:

  1. Applying any sort of rounded corner leads to a funky curved underline … is that because I’m using the Material Design theme? Is there a way to still get the rounded button rather than the funky underline? (I presume I’d have to change some CSS?)

  1. Is there a way to use this component to round off the subcategory boxes? (or is that also something I’d have to change through CSS?)