Discourse Category Banner

How woud i achieve something like that?


When i add pictures to my Category they are all shrunk and ugly.

is there a custom plugin or something?

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Have a look at Discourse Category Banners. It is a theme component that you can install on your site to add a banner to your categories. The “Additional CSS styling” section at the bottom of the topic gives details about how to set a background image for the banner.


From the looks of it it seems like thats a banner for the category, i need one that shows the section, to explain myself better…


thats what i want

This will require some custom work. Have a look at the theme guide if you want to do it yourself or create a topic in the #marketplace category if you want to hire someone to do it for you.


This is what they use but i can’t get it to work

discourse-misc-html-css (2).zip (2.5 KB)

There are many links and items to edit both in the CSS and in the Head tab , did you do it?