Discourse Category Banners

(Krischan) #49

Hi Kris, great plugin, thanks for your work! One feature request: If you have links in the description text, they get filtered out for the banner. Would be great to preserve them.

(Kris) #50

Sure, that’s been requested a few times and this component has been getting a fair amount of use… so I’ll see if I can figure that out this week.

(Krischan) #52

Cool, thanks so much! Then I have another minor ux suggestion: Right now the headline gets capitalized per default. I would let the users choose to do that.

(Kris) #53

Just pushed a little update that will properly render links in the description. :tada:

(Krischan) #54

Hi Kris, is it live already? Thx!

(Kris) #56

Yes, you just need to update the component.

(Krischan) #57

I did. I used the url from your original post above GitHub - discourse/discourse-category-banners, but it’s this one apparently: GitHub - discourse-org/discourse-category-banners

(Kris) #58

Ah sorry about that, GitHub - discourse/discourse-category-banners should be the correct one to reference. It’s cleaned up now and updated.

(Kameron Bourgeois) #59

@awesomerobot Is there a simple solution to make the category banner also display for posts under the category?

(El Foro Viajero) #61

Hi There!

is it possible to add a custom background image instead of the space where the color shows?

Is then possible? To add the logo of the category next to the category title? thx!