Discourse Chat vs Chat Integration plugins

I turned on chat. Do I also need to enable an 0auth with one of the various providers for it to work?

No, that shouldn’t be necessary. Are you on stable, beta, or tests-passed, @P2W? I ask as Chat is presently only compatible with the tests-passed branch.

Discourse 2.9.0.beta10
When I enable chat, I don’t see anything.

Hi Mike. :wave:

I think you might be thinking about Discourse Chat Integration, which is a plugin that integrates with external chat services. They are named similarly, and even show up near each other on plugins list:

When you enable Discourse Chat, which chat in your Discourse community, you’ll see the setting as such:

Let us know if that clarifies; the Discourse Chat plugin should be very easy to configure, no 0Auth required. :slight_smile:


That helps, easy to mistake the two. Appreciate it.


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